Pearl blasting

In the process of bead blasting, also known as glass bead blasting, small glass beads are blown onto the object using compressed air. The force of blasting loosens dirt and residue from other materials, thoroughly cleaning the surface.

Pearl blasting is mainly used on stainless steel (SS) and aluminium, and sometimes also on steel. This particular blasting technique is often chosen when a surface with low roughness is desired and when the visual aspect of the product is important.

By using glass beads, we can create a surface that is smooth and even, without major unevenness. This makes it ideal for applications where an aesthetically pleasing appearance of the product is essential. Moreover, bead blasting ensures that the surface is free of dirt, grease, rust and other contaminants, enabling optimal adhesion of coatings and paints.

Whether it is cleaning metal parts for the food industry, restoring ageing aluminium facades or preparing stainless steel components for a high-quality finish, bead blasting is an effective method that meets the most stringent cleanliness and visual quality requirements.

With us, you can rely on our expertise in bead blasting to treat your objects carefully and professionally, resulting in a smooth, clean and aesthetically pleasing surface that meets your specific requirements.

Schavicast pearl blasting

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Maritime, industrial and obsolete objects are exposed to the vagaries of wind, water and climate on a daily basis. This gives the materials a hard time, to the detriment of their condition. To solve this problem, Schavicast has specialised in the care and maintenance of these materials. And we have been doing so for more than 25 years.