Blasting and coating company in Rotterdam region

Schavicast from Stellendam (Goeree-Overflakkee) is the blasting and coating company in the Rotterdam region. Since 1995, we have specialised in blasting and coating maritime, industrial and obsolete objects that suffer from water and wind. Service is our top priority and you can count on high quality. You call us in to blast and coat your boat, sea container, waste container, crane or construction quickly and to a high standard, in the wide region around Rotterdam and even as far away as Zeeland.

As a blasting and coating company from the Rotterdam region, we maintain your maritime and industrial objects

Our blasting and coating company uses state-of-the-art techniques

In the maritime and offshore sector, thorough maintenance is eminently important. After all, ships, drilling rigs and production platforms are exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions and affected by corrosion on a daily basis. It is therefore necessary to have your boat, container or structure blasted and coated both preventively and for maintenance reasons. As an experienced steel and coating company, we use the most modern techniques and materials so that the blasting and coating is done not only quickly, but also qualitatively, with a durable result. We carry out our blasting out using olivine sand, glass, melt slag, corundum and stainless steel. For the coating of offshore structures you can also choose from a wide range of coatings. Depending on the coating, we use one of the following techniques: At our blasting and coating company, you can count on decades of expertise, thoroughly trained personnel and great customer-friendliness. We always blast and coat your materials, such as a boat or container, as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your work. However, we never put speed before quality and our main concern is that all your wishes are met. Only when you are satisfied, so are we.

Ask about the possibilities for your objects

From our many years of experience as a blasting and coating company, we know better than anyone else how important high-quality maintenance of your maritime objects is. Our company guarantees this quality because we properly train our staff internally. The blasting and coating of your boat or other objects is therefore always carried out professionally and quickly. Contact our experts to discuss our work!


Schavicast offers effective rust removal through blasting. High-pressure (abrasive) granules are blown onto the workpiece, thoroughly removing rust. Direct surface treatment ensures long-term protection.

Pearl blasting

In the process of bead blasting, small glass beads are blown onto the object using compressed air. The force of blasting loosens dirt and residue from other materials, thoroughly cleaning the surface.

Throwing jets

You can also come to us for dust-free shot blasting. Shot-blasting is a surface treatment technique in which abrasive is thrown at high velocity onto an object to clean, derust, deburr or roughen its surface.

Wet blasting

At Schavicast, we understand the importance of finishing surfaces in an effective and high-quality manner. That is why we offer wet blasting methods that ensure satin smooth results. Wet blasting has numerous advantages over dry blasting.

Vacuum blasting

This technique offers the advantage that the abrasive and contamination are extracted directly using an advanced extraction system. The extracted abrasive is then cleaned and prepared for reuse by a recycling system.

With over 25 years of experience and a wide network, Schavicast offers various cleaning, painting and blasting services. Our in-house trained staff ensures high-quality results and carefree service.

Ultra-high-pressure water jets

Schavicast removes coatings and contaminants on metal and concrete surfaces using eco-friendly and ultra-high-pressure water technology. We offer specialised techniques for various applications.

Powder coating

Powder coating is a versatile, eco-friendly process that protects and beautifies materials with a durable coating. It offers numerous advantages such as uniform finish, edge coverage and fast turnaround time.


Schavicast specialises in wet painting, or spraying, which involves applying paint layers at high pressure. We apply various spray methods for primers, coatings and finishing layers on objects of any size to meet strict corrosion protection requirements.


At Schavicast, we understand that painting requires craftsmanship. From traditional manual painting to advanced spray painting; our professional painters master all aspects. We strive for high quality through continuous training and experience in the industry.


At Schavicast, we stand for transparency, reliability and excellent work. We strive for your satisfaction and like to exceed your expectations. Contact us today for quality control and tailored advice.

On site

Schavicast understands the value of time and is available 24/7. Our dedicated team is always there for you, whenever and wherever you need us. Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive for excellent results that exceed your expectations.

As a "house painter", Schavicast has been a reliable partner for many years. Good, fast service and quality are points that we consider of paramount importance, and Schavicast is an excellent fit. Both for jobs off shore or in 1 of our dry docks, and for jobs that can be carried out in the shed. "Better a good neighbour than a distant friend".

Geertjan Willemsen, Managing Director

Damen Maaskant

"As a coating specialist, Schavicast is the partner of choice for us for coating our offshore structures. Delivery of high quality, flexibility in production also on site and the short lines of communication are a good combination to fine cooperation. "

Wijnand de Ronde, Operations Manager

Sledge Hammer Engineering International


Maritime, industrial and obsolete objects are exposed to the vagaries of wind, water and climate on a daily basis. This gives the materials a hard time, to the detriment of their condition. To solve this problem, Schavicast has specialised in the care and maintenance of these materials. And we have been doing so for more than 25 years.