Are you looking for an expert for marine blasting in the Rotterdam or Zeeland region? Schavicast, our company with offices in Stellendam and Rotterdam, offers you an exceptionally effective method of removing rust from ships or maritime structures: blasting. We have years of experience blasting offshore structures and boats and always use the most modern techniques and materials for blasting. We will blast your boat or other object at one of our facilities in Goeree-Overflakkee or Rotterdam, or at your premises in the Zeeland or South Holland region.

Blasting work we carry out in the shipping industry

How does our marine blasting work work?

During blasting, a powerful stream of (abrasive) grains is blown under high pressure onto your workpiece or boat. These grains penetrate deep into the pores and remove rust thoroughly. By applying a good surface treatment immediately after blasting, we solve the rust problem for you for a longer period of time. The choice of pressure and medium for blasting depends on the construction of your marine object and the material. With us blasting and coating company we have various blasting media at our disposal, including olivine sand, glass, coal slag, corundum, stainless steel and steel.

Our blasting techniques

When blasting ships and structures, not only is the material used very important, but the right technique is also needed to achieve the desired result. In our marine blasting work, we use the following blasting techniques:
  • Pearl blasting: In this technique, fine glass beads are blown against the surface at high speed. This gives a soft and even finish, without damaging the underlying material. This technique is ideally suited for blasting boats or structures made of soft metals.
  • Throwing jets (also called grit blasting): this involves forcefully spraying abrasive materials such as sand or steel grit against the surface. This technique also helps to roughen surfaces, ensuring better adhesion of paints and coatings.
  • Wet blasting: in this technique for blasting materials in shipping, water is added to the abrasive. As a result, less dust is released during the process, making it more environmentally friendly.
  • Vacuum blasting: in this form of blasting, we use a vacuum system that directly sucks up the abrasive and dirt released when blasting your boat. This minimises environmental and health risks.
  • UHD water jets: In ultra-high-pressure water blasting, we spray water at extremely high pressure to clean your surface. As no chemicals or abrasives are used, this is a very environmentally friendly method for marine blasting.

At which location can you have your boat or objects blasted?

Schavicast has two locations where you can have your ships or objects blasted: our head office in Stellendam (Goeree-Overflakkee) and our facility in Rotterdam. At these locations, we can blast structures and boats of almost any size, with the ability to achieve the desired degree of cleanliness and roughness profile. We also come to blast structures on site in the Rotterdam and Zeeland region. We are dedicated to providing high-quality blasting services to meet your needs.

Count on our many years of experience

Whether it is removing rust from small objects or treating large marine structures, you are in good hands with our experts in blasting. Our experienced team is ready to blast your objects and vessels to ensure they are rust-free, with a surface that meets your specific requirements. Rely on us for quality and expertise in blasting. Would you like to have your boat or object blasted, either with us or on site? Then take a quick contact us to discuss the possibilities. Are you interested in getting started with boat blasting yourself? Then take a look at our vacancy for blaster.

Schavicast blasting

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Maritime, industrial and obsolete objects are exposed to the vagaries of wind, water and climate on a daily basis. This gives the materials a hard time, to the detriment of their condition. To solve this problem, Schavicast has specialised in the care and maintenance of these materials. And we have been doing so for more than 25 years.