Ultra-high-pressure water jets

Schavicast offers specialised hydro-jetting/blasting services for various types of metal and concrete surfaces. Using our eco-friendly and ultra-high-pressure water technology, all types of coatings and contaminants can be easily removed.

We apply our technique in different areas, such as removing coatings and heavy fouling on the skin of ships. We are also ideal for removing hard floor or ceiling coatings on floors and ceilings. We also apply this technique in various locations, both onshore and offshore, such as locks, wind turbines, boilers and many more.

When applying ultra-high-pressure water jet technology, you benefit from several advantages. Firstly, it is dust-free, so people and the environment are not exposed to dangerous fine dust. In addition, it reduces waste and related costs. Waste water can be extracted, collected and purified using our water treatment system, leaving only the paint as waste.

Moreover, there is no risk of sparking, so objects can remain operational during the blasting process in many cases. We also offer the possibility of working in an ATEX zone. With our very powerful technology, almost all types of contamination and coating types can be removed.

Finally, we offer affordable services through our certified and skilled staff (SIR + VCA). At Schavicast, you are assured of high-quality hydrojet and blasting services that meet your specific needs.

Schavicast ultra high-pressure water jets

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Maritime, industrial and obsolete objects are exposed to the vagaries of wind, water and climate on a daily basis. This gives the materials a hard time, to the detriment of their condition. To solve this problem, Schavicast has specialised in the care and maintenance of these materials. And we have been doing so for more than 25 years.