Throwing jets

In throw blasting, unlike the injector and pressure tank principle, air is not used to give the blasting medium the necessary acceleration.

The principle of throw blasting works as follows: from a storage bunker, an adjustable amount of abrasive "flows" to a throw wheel (turbine). In the centre of the throwing wheel is a pre-accelerator that takes care of the initial acceleration of the abrasive. Through a bushing with an opening, the abrasive enters the blades of the throwing wheel at the correct position. These blades further increase the throwing speed. Due to the high centrifugal force, the abrasive leaves the throwing wheel at a precisely determined moment and lands on the product to be blasted.

The blasting medium, together with dust and contamination, is then transported through the cup elevator to the so-called windscreen. Here, the contaminants and the undersized abrasive are removed. The cleaned and still usable abrasive is returned to the storage bunker. 

Schavicast pitching jets

Also a pitching project?

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